About the author: Kay Kaesler

Motorcyclist and Photographer Kay Kaesler is the author of many articles in blogs, forums, and magazines about the scenic motorcycle routes in Thailand, Asia, and all over the world for over 20 years. At 7 years old Kaesler won his first motorcycle race on a Simson SR2 50cc two-stroke on the island Usedom (Germany). Later he raced successfully for the East German motorcycle manufacture "MZ Motorcycles" and became a Test Rider to develop a new 125cc water-cooled two-stroke engine. "MZ Motorcycles" were well known in the '80s as the fastest Two-strokes all over the world. Documenting his travels, Kay’s photographic passion celebrates the diversity of life on earth, focusing on human culture, wildlife, and scenic vistas. His photo essays have appeared mostly in Germany in dozens of motorcycle magazines like Motorrad, Mot Magazin, Tourenfahrer, and outdoor-enthusiast magazines, as well as publications such as Bangkok Post, Vientiane Times, Taiwan News, and Lufthansa inflight magazine. Kay’s journey has also been featured on German Television and internet broadcasts around the world. In 2009, Kaesler began sharing his experiences with others and founded Big Bike Tours (Thailand) Ltd., Part. Big Bike Tours specializes not only in Thailand, but also in long-duration adventure motorcycle travel throughout Southeast Asia neither easily accessible nor commonly visited (for example Tibet, Shangri-La, Northern Laos, and Vietnam, etc.) Big Bike Tours visit 10+ countries throughout S.E. Asia. Collectively, Kaesler has traveled through over 50 countries on five continents and has logged more miles on the seat of a motorcycle than he cares to count. In addition to organizing and leading motorcycle adventure tours, he produces instructional and adventure video productions designed to prepare the avid motorcyclist for travel and inspire a desire to take to the open road. He also gives multimedia presentations that offer breathtaking photography and inspiring stories from his adventures. Kaesler develops and presents travel-related seminars, teaching participants motorcycle maintenance and repair, GPS navigation, and other insider tips for the savvy traveler. Kaesler speaks four languages: German, English, Russian and Thai. He currently lives with his family just outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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