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  • Motorcycle Tours and Holidays in Thailand, Laos, Burma, Cambodia & Tibet (China)
  • 10 DAY TOUR (Amazing Thailand)
  • 10 DAY TOUR (Thailand & Laos)
  • 8 DAY TOUR (Ultimate Trails)
  • 8 DAY TOUR (Unseen Thailand)
  • 5 DAY TOUR (True Bikers Paradise)
  • 3 DAY TOUR (Mae Hong Son Loop)
  • 3 DAY TOUR (Magical Golden Triangle)
  • 3 DAY TOUR (Nan Loop)
  • 1 DAY TOUR (Doi Inthanon)
  • 1 DAY TOUR (Samoeng Loop)
  • Tour Dates for 2019/2020 Season

Motorcycle Tours and Holidays in Thailand, Laos, Burma, Cambodia & Tibet (China)

Asian Motorcycle Tours – Adventure Motorcycle Trips

Here at we are all about authentic guided motorcycle tours and adventure motorcycle touring holidays across Southeast Asia. Are you looking for the finest Asian motorcycle tours surrounding Thailand, Laos, Burma, Cambodia and Tibet (China) ? Here we go! We simply take your touring holidays to the next level, around unseen places, exotic countries, old Buddhist temples, the markets and the warm people that marks this peninsula as one of the favorite tour destination. Big Bike Tours feature unique motorcycle tours as experience of a lifetime.

Thailand offers the best road touring in South East Asia and we are specialized Motorcycle Tour Company, dedicated to deliver a unique adventure motorcycle experiences that you can treasure for a lifetime. If you are a biker, you truly know the joy and freedom you face while riding through the midst of nature, and this becomes possible booking and planning your driving trip in advance. Our Multi-Day Motorcycle Tours are categorized into many like 3days, 5days, 6days, 8days, 10days and 16days. Book your favorite motorcycle road tours and ride with us between the borders of Laos, Burma and Thailand, the famous Golden Triangle, Mae Sa Elephant Camp, Lanna Kingdom, Chiang Dao Cave, Phayao Lake, Doi Inthanon National Park, White Temple Wat Rong Khun, Doi Mae Salong, Doi Tung Royal Villa, Historic Town of Sukhothai and many more flattering places. Our riding tours will give you indelible memories with fantastic sunrise and sunset as background.

Don’t settle for some normal routine journey and don’t depend on the tour guide, just follow your instinct and go for some bizarre experiences. The positive outcome will be that, not only you visit the places but you also get to meet the natives and know the history about it: no traffic, no chaos and no trouble, just a smooth and carefree expedition. We provide special accommodations, three times meal and airport transport facility to every riders. With TAT license and English knowing professional escorts your journey becomes less hectic: you get the hotel rooms, fuels, oil, motorcycles, service vehicle, accident cover up insurance and many more utilities. Our journey starts and ends in Chiang Mai and within this few days you will certainly gather much more knowledge about the places. You will get to see the real countryside, meet the real indigenous of Thailand, and feel the real beauty. Do you need more information? Please feel free to contact us on Facebook read our customer reviews on Trip Advisor or drop us your personal request.

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Tour Dates for 2019/2020 Season

Best Motorcycle Tours and Motorcycle Holidays in Thailand & Southeast Asia

For all our Tour Dates, please click here or download our PDF Tour Calendar or comb through our Google Online Calendar. Please don’t hesitate to contact us any time in case of further questions.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our English Hotline in Thailand at +66 873 160 907 (also via WhatsApp)

Dates below are nearly fully booked, but there are still some spots left:
16. DECEMBER – 20. DECEMBER 2019
For our Topseller, combine the famous Mae Hong Son Loop with more than 1864 curves and the magical Golden Triangle in one trip, we still have room. There are 3 places available.
16. DECEMBER – 25. DECEMBER 2019
For the best Motorcycle Tour through Northern Thailand, we still have some spots left. There are 4 places available at the moment.
18. DECEMBER – 23. DECEMBER 2019
For this stunning tour among others to the famous Golden triangle we also still have some space left. There are also 4 places available.
21. DECEMBER – 25. DECEMBER 2019
For this memorable ride through unseen Thailand´s motorcycle paradise, we still also have some spots left. There are still 3 places available.
16. DECEMBER – 25. DECEMBER 2019
For this memorable ride through the Unseen Laos motorcycle paradise, we still have some spots left. There are still 4 places available.
20 DAY TOUR (Tibet & Shangri-La)
12. APRIL – 01. MAY 2020
We run this tour only twice the year. Places are limited and in high demand, cause we limit our tours to a maximum of 10 participants. There are still 2 places available.

Motorcycle Tours in Thailand & Southeast Asia